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My Top 5 Must Have Apps for Instagram

Instagram is King

I just started working on my presentation for Live The Dream 5 in Austin where I will be sharing some of my lead getting and income producing strategies on Instagram and decided to crank out a quick blog post so I could share my fav apps for creating stunning images, more leads and followers… Since

How To Fail Proof your Home Business


One of the most powerful habits you can have is persistence! In fact with out being persistent your chances of success are none! Which is why this post is super important for anyone looking to achieve success. If your anything like I was when getting started you know that every day is a fight to

How to Become the Leader You Seek

Leadership quote

Leadership is the main ingredient to becoming successful in your home business. Many people mistakenly think that they need to learn new marketing strategies over leadership skills all the time. I have noticed even in my own business that people join leadership not companies or secret strategies for more leads.  If you want to rise

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