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How to Become the Leader You Seek

Leadership quote

Leadership is the main ingredient to becoming successful in your home business. Many people mistakenly think that they need to learn new marketing strategies over leadership skills all the time. I have noticed even in my own business that people join leadership not companies or secret strategies for more leads.  If you want to rise

Does it Matter Who You Join In Your MLM Business?

Does it matter who you join?

I am often asked “Does it really matter who you work with in your MLM business?” Or “How do I choose the right MLM Leader to join?”  So in today’s video I want to answer those questions and help you find success through the right leader. If you are looking for a leader to join

How to Monetize Instagram


Since the Instagram training I did back in May I have been getting a lot of questions about how to monetize Instagram and basically turn it into money. Instagram is a very profitable marketing platform if you know how to grow your following and turn your following into paying customers or new recruits into your

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