I am often congratulated for my low Alexa.com rank

I get asked all the time how to improve Alexa.com rankings all the time as well.  So I decided it was time I set a few things straight about Alexa.com. In the past I have provided ways for my readers  to trick Alexa.com into giving them lower rankings and those trainings proved to be a huge hit.

When I say Trick Alexa.com that right there should give you a idea that Alexa.com traffic ratings are not that accurate. Although I still use the Alexa.com traffic toolbar and do believe in some ways it can be accurate for sites that have traffic rankings below 100,000 I do not take there rankings that seriously and I will get to that in a bit.

What is Alexa.com really?

Well Alexa.com is basically a traffic ranking toolbar and according to wikipedia Alexa.com is merely a tool bar that once installed collects data on browsing behavior which is transmitted to the Alexa Web site where it is stored and analyzed and is the basis for the company’s Web traffic reporting.

When I check my Alexa.com traffic ranking I can see that mostly women in their 30’s and 40’s visit my site but I really do not take that analysis to heart and you shouldn’t either.

There are two ways that Alexa ranks websites and one has nothing to do with traffic..

The first way is how up to date the site is which means if you update your site daily you will improve your Alexa rank. I have seen people fly through the ranks on Alexa.com simply by posting to there blogs daily even though they have very little traffic.

The second way is the Alexa Toolbar like I discussed above. Alexa measures your rank by the amount of people visiting your site that use the Alexa toolbar.

Why your Alexa.com traffic ranking is not accurate..

The answer is pretty obvious how many people really do you think has the Alexa.com toolbar? If I were to ask my sister if she has ever even heard of Alexa.com she would literally look at me very confused and say, “No! What is that?”  I myself had never heard of Alexa.com until about 8 months ago! So with that being said and Alexa measuring traffic with a toolbar that has to be installed in your browser how many people do you think actually have it installed?

My guess is not very many have the Alexa.com toolbar!

Which makes Alexa.com very inaccurate for measuring traffic. I almost cannot stand it when people throw out there that there Alexa rank is all that because to me it means absolutely nothing. I sometimes go back and forth on this especially when I first discovered Alexa.com and found ways to trick it. Having a low Alexa rank has actually benefited me in a lot of ways because it gave my site credibility and if yours is pretty low I am sure you get complimented and viewed as a authority as well.

When I unraveled the truth about Alexa.com

I was kind of devastated because this whole time I thought it was a accurate measure of my traffic rating amongst other sites. So I still hang on to it and monitor it! I do know that if your site is below 100,000 the measure of your traffic is much more accurate. So for example Facebook.com is the #2 site in the world so it is very safe to believe that this measure is true.

A few things that will drastically improve your Alexa.com ranking so you know!

  1. Updating your site daily
  2. Installing the Alexa.com toolbar of course
  3. Asking your friends to install the toolbar and visit your site daily
  4. Posting blog posts about Alexa.com
  5. Joining Alexa Traffic rotators

There’s some cool stuff you can do to boost your Alexa.com traffic ranking and you can see some of my trainings on this topic specifically by clicking HERE

I hate to be the one to burst everyone’s bubble about Alexa.com but I think that some things really needed to be clarified. I am not saying to uninstall your Alexa.com tool bar and forget the whole notion but I would take into consideration that when looking at a sites Alexa.com traffic ranking it may not be accurate.

I really hope that I brought light to this topic for you and maybe you have some feedback or questions about this as well. If you do please leave them in the comment box below as I would love to hear from you. If you feel your friends could really benefit from this post be sure to share the wealth.

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