Article Marketing Tips

Article Marketing Tips

Are you looking for Article Marketing Tips that really work?

You’ve come to the right place then.. Recently Google did a update and those that were spinning articles and creating duplicate content landed themselves on Google’s shit list. Maybe you were effected by this yourself and in all I do think we all were. However I am glad that Google has made the updates they have and are relying more on social media votes verses spam content.

Article Marketing Tips – What’s working for me.. You should know that I am not a article marketing expert. however I do want to share with you what is producing results for me. Obviously my site has not been effected as much by the newest Google Panda Update because I have been very active with Social media.

I have been marketing my business using Social Media for some time now and have recently decided to dive into article marketing and SEO.. With in just a few short weeks I have managed to land my content on the first and second pages of google actually quite quickly. But before we dive into how I did that I  want to share with you some news about the Panda update so you understand fully and can take advantage of the huge opportunity that now presents itself with social media.

Article Marketing Tips – Google Panda Update

Via: Koen Berkenbosch – How to Protect Your Website from Panda

Here’s what you should know…

1. Updates Happen About Every 30 Days.
At the time of this writing, the Panda machine language algorithm is so complex that it only evaluates websites in cycles of about 30 days. In other words, if you make a change today and Google just evaluated your site yesterday, it’ll be about 30 days before you see the full impact of that change.

2. Domains Are Being Evaluated Instead of Just Pages

The old adage “pages get ranked, not websites” doesn’t apply to post Panda SEO. Now, if you have a site with 20 pages and only three of those pages are providing value, while the other 17 are junk, the low quality of those 17 pages will drag down the rankings for your entire site.

3. Interactivity is Even More Important than Ever

The sites which have benefited from the Google Panda update are all sites which have low bounce rates and good user behavior statistics. In other words, sites where the visitors are landing, clicking links, downloading files, filling out email opt in boxes and viewing videos and other media are being rewarded with high search engine rankings.

4. Content is Still King
Content is king on the internet!!
You probably knew that already, but the question is…what are you doing about it? Most marketers are spinning articles, paying $2 per 500 words to have pages and pages of content cranked out by outsourcers in India or Pakistan or repurposing low quality PR articles. They’re assuming that if content is king, you need a whooollle loooottt of content to succeed in SEO. WRONG!!

5. Repeat Visits Are Being Monitored

This is another one that’s been going on for a while, but it’s gotten more important since the Google panda update. The Google patent has had information in it about the importance of repeat visits to a site, and when you consider their goal to create a great user experience, it’s no surprise. If people are coming back to your site, obviously they like the content.

6. Click Through Rates Matter
By click through rates I mean the amount of people who select your site when it’s displayed on the SERPs page along with other sites. We know high click through rates cause Google to award PPC advertisers with higher placements, but it’s also important for organic listings. This shouldn’t come as a surprise; the problem is that, at least at this time, you can’t monitor your click through rate in relation to the number of impressions in the search results.

7. Exact Match Domains Aren’t as Important

It used to be that if you had an exact match domain (EMD) you were almost guaranteed a high ranking for that keyword.

Article Marketing Tips – Best Approach

Obviously publishing your content all over the internet still works as long as it is unique.  However you must take caution in doing this because these article directories have high page ranks and will more then likely show up before your money site. You see Google ranks partially based on Page rank and age of your  site. So be well aware that although your articles will show up in the search engines and may even point to your money site that your money site may not. I recommend creating unique content and focusing on getting lot’s of social media exposure and bog comments.

I am actually apart of quite a few blog tribes where we share each others content and comment on each others posts. You can create one of these tribes yourself or join mine CLICK HERE

A great way for you to get your posts ranked on the first page of Google is through Social Media. Obviously the new Google Panda update is exposing those Spam bloggers for what they are and if you are looking to be a spam blogger be aware that you will more then likely be sandboxed. Even worse perhaps completely banned from Google all together.

Ready for some Article Marketing Tips that work?

In the video below you will learn Article Marketing tips that work when practiced. I am currently on the first and second pages of google for my keywords and I am going to show you how I do that..

Article Marketing Tips and Tools discussed in the video

article marketing tips

article marketing tips

Article Marketing Tips #1

SEO Pressor

Article Marketing Tips #2

Google key word tool

Article Marketing Tips #3

Social Clerks

Article Marketing tips #4

Social Monkee

Article Marketing Tips #5

My Lead System pro

Article Marketing Tips #6

Better Networker

Article Marketing Tips #7

Hootsuite instead of Network Publisher it’s better than Network Publisher and FREE for 30 days 😉


 As promised in the video I have listed a free Article Marketing Training that will be way more in depth if you want to really want the best  Article Marketing Tips…

article marketing tips

article marketing tips

I hope you learned a ton from this post and are ready to get your Article Marketing on.. By promoting your business through article marketing it is by far the best way to get free traffic from Google and other search engines. Endless traffic that you do the work one time makes sense to me. How about you? Share your thoughts or questions with me below and make sure you share this post with your friends by clicking the share buttons below. See you on the next post!

To your UNSTOPPABLE success,

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Article Marketing Tips

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