Google+ and your BlogAre you ready to boost your Blog traffic with Google+ (Plus)?

I hope so I know that most are still over looking the power in this brand new social network that Google launched. I am going to go over a few things in this post to educate you about Google+ PLUS and also give you some tips that you can start implementing today. Ok so first I want you to add me to one of your circles so we can share together their.

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Why Google+ (Plus)?

First of all Google’s contract ended with Twitter this past summer and although Twitter is one of the top sites online today their links became nofollow links. What this means for you is that anytime you post to Twitter it does not show up on search engines and does nothing for your rankings on Google. Not to worry though Google at the time had way bigger and better things planned and that is Google+ (PLUS).

Google+ (PLUS) was created to help Google decipher between popular and non popular content on the Search Engines

Many think that Google+ (PLUS) is Facebooks competition and that it is going to take over. I cannot predict the future but I can tell you that as a blogger it is critical to stay up to date on the trends and that trend today is Google+ (PLUS).  The most important thing that sticks out to me about Google+ (PLUS) is it’s capabilities to rank your content higher on the search engines. Which of course you know that landing your articles on the first page of Google is freakin awesome. I know when I saw my first post on the first page of Google I did a victory dance WOO HOO!!

Some Quick tips to get you started quickly Watch the Video Below now


The plugins recommended in the video:

  • Google+1
  • Social Media Widget

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