Your beliefs are a huge part of whether or not you will actually succeed in your home  business! I think most people really are not aware of how they are actually thinking because they get so used to the background noise in their heads.

The first step to changing your life is to create awareness to this background noise in your head and then start switching some of those thought’s into good thought’s as I mentioned in the audio above.

I know for myself I never really realized the things I was really telling myself because it was just so apart of me.

The key here is to reprogram your brain so you can begin to change your beliefs about success, health, money and so much more.

I highly recommend picking up the book I mentioned in the call. I read it for about 30 minutes in the morning and am already seeing such a big difference in my life.

Fill your life with good and you leave no room for the bad. So fill it up! Even while you sleep.  I actually listen to deep sleep programming on Youtube. I created a playlist that you can also listen to.

Click HERE to get my Sleep Programming Playlist

What you do is turn on shuffle and repeat and plug in a headset to your tablet or mobile device then go to sleep.

See even while your sleeping your subconscious is still very awake and your subconscious is like your inner you.

It’s super powerful believe it or not and that’s why when you say negative things to yourself you have to be careful.

Becuase your subconscious hears everything and guess what? Your subconscious cannot, I repeat CANNOT take a joke!

That’s a scary thought and it’s more reason for you to be so careful of what you say out loud and to yourself.

Your thought’s turn into your words and your words turn into your actions!

That’s why if you change your beliefs you will change your life!

I hope you enjoyed this call and if you did be sure to share the love across your social networks! Also I love to hear from you! Did this call impact you in any way? If so how?

It’s often these small defining moments when things all of a sudden just click that can turn into being HUGE turning points for your business. I hope that is the case for you, today!

You rock my friend! Keep being amazing!

See you on the next post 🙂

Luv & Prosperity,

April Marie Tucker

Online Marketing & Home Business Pro

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