Facebook Custom Tabs

Facebook Custom Tabs

It used to be that in order to create a custom Facebook Tab with a capture page on Facebook you had to have knowledge of code and or be a web designer to install them.

Big Headache!

But now it’s actually quite simple to add a custom Facebook Tab with a lead capture page and even a fan gate.

The best part is this will only cost you your time and I am going to walk you through exactly how to set up a custom Facebook Tab to your business that will get you building your list on Facebook in no time.

<<< Yep it’s so easy a Monkey can do it! 😉


Watch over my shoulder below while I set up a Custom Facebook Tab to build my list on Facebook…


Resources mentioned in the video:

My Lead System Pro – Learn step by step how to set up and market on Facebook

WooBox – Free Facebook App for Custom Facebook Tabs

Final Result on my Fan Page

Once you have finished setting up your custom tab do me a favor and share the link below in the Facebook comment feed. i would love to see the final result and of couse if you have any comments to share or have questions you can leave them there as well.

Also Wednesday 8/6/2013 @ 9 PM EST/ 6 PM PST

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