Facebook MarketingBy developing a Facebook Fan Base

you can instantly start driving traffic to your website or blog. For some this can be a tedious task especially if you don’t know what your doing it an be completely impossible.

I have developed a rather large Fan Base in a fairly short time

In this post I am going to give you some of my best practices for using my Facebook Fan Page to drive traffic to my website. I am also going to share a few tips on how to get more Facebook Fans.

You may think this information is not relevant to you at all but believe it or not if you are in business for yourself and don’t have a Facebook Fan Page you are missing out on some huge traffic to your website. One thing I know for sure is that if you look at McDonald’s advertising for example you will see that they have find us on Facebook or Fan us on Facebook all over the place.

You see major corporations and business’ are super smart and they know that their is a huge market on Facebook for any business.

Don’t have a Facebook Fan Page yet?

Don’t worry this post is still for you but you will definitely want to set one up for your business or personal brand. I recommend getting a Fan Page that is completely customized with your business logo or brand so that you stand out in the market place. I recommend using Social Media Stardom for all of your business logos or brand design. They do a phenomenal job and the price is the best  in the market today!

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Ok, so now that you have your Facebook Fan Page and have 600 MILLION eyeballs to go after let’s look at some best practices and tweaks that you can make to your Facebook Fan Page or Profile to make your Facebook Fan Page a huge success…

One often very overlooked thing I see people doing all the time is they don’t add their Facebook Fan Page to their work on their main profile. I cringe every time I see someone’s work say “I love working from home” or “Self Employed”. I bet you see this all the time too. So if someone is peeping your profile and they click on your work do you want it to go to some blank page that say “Self Employed” or do you want it to go to your Facebook Fan Page?

Here is a example of what my Facebook profile says about my work

(click the image below to go to a complete video tutorial on how to change this so your not missing any eyeballs of potential fans from your profile)

Facebook tip for work and education

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Now that you have some ideas for getting more Facebook Fans but I promised you I would share some of my best practices for driving traffic using your Facebook Fan Page so here are some ways to do that.

If you want more traffic to your website from Facebook, don’t bury your address on your Info tab where visitors can’t find it. Display your website address in several places to make it easier for someone to find it and click on it. TheFacebook Fan first place to showcase your website address is in the About field of the Info tab. The About field appears in the left sidebar of your Facebook Fan Page, and it is this sidebar that gets the most visibility. One caveat to the About field is that only the first 80 characters of the field will be displayed, and after that, a More link appears, as shown in the following figure to the right. Most people will not click on the more field so it is best to make sure your web address is listed first.



Facebook Fan

  Another very useful practice is to make sure that your Facebook Fan Page has a professional picture that displays your brand and website like the example to the left.

If you need a Facebook Fan Page picture that is customized to your business or brand visit Social Media Stardom to find out how to get one. This is just one piece of the puzzle but it will truly help you stand out from the rest of the business’ on Facebook so it is highly recommended.

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Content is king on Facebook, too!!

Think of the reasons you visit a site. Usually, you are looking for tips or answer to a pressing question. If you can host that type of content, you can both refer people to it and have the search engines display your website prominently.

On Facebook Fan Pages, a key strategy to getting more ‘Likes’ and connecting with your audience is to provide
helpful information.

If you can be the source of that helpful content via your own blog, you will keep your fans engaged and thirsty for more. Another useful tip is to find out what your niche is thirsty for and you can do this by visiting Facebook groups or Niche specific forums to see what kind of hot topics people are posting about. Then do a blog post about that topic answering any questions your niche may have.

  • When you publish a new blog post, you can go to
    Facebook and post the link there. If your post is
    helpful to your audience, it will get shared with others.
    You can save some time if you make your blog
    posts publish automatically to Facebook. There are
    several applications that can help in this process.
    Here are three of the most popular Facebook applications
    for bringing in an RSS feed to your Page:
    RSS Graffiti
    Social RSS

I personally use a WP plug in called Networked Publisher so that every time I post to my blog it automatically publishes my posts to my Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Linkedin, Digg, etc. You may also like Onlywire which will syndicate your content many social media sites and directories.

Aweber is also very useful if you are a blogger because you can set it up to mail to your list automatically every time you publish a new Blog Post.

Here’s a tutorial on how to do a Blog cast using Aweber

Also whenever you do a mailing to your list you can set up Aweber so that it syndicates your email broadcasts to your Facebook Fan Page. To do this you will need to make sure you link your Aweber to your fan page which you can find directions for this in Aweber.

CLICK HERE to sign up for Aweber

Another thing to consider and is highly recommended with your Facebook Fan Page is having a landing page with a opt in for a FREE offer.

Building a list of Email subscriber is one of the best things you could possibly do for your business. I am not going to go into full detail but you are going to want to set up your Facebook Fan Page the right way and this could be one of the ultimate ingredients that will take your Facebook presence to the next level.

Having a lock on your Landing Page is also so beneficial. A lock makes it so that when your potential fan lands on your landing page they cannot see your offer til they click “like”. This is huge because it gives them a strong call to action to “like'” your page and what they will be missing if they don’t.  Below is a picture of mine:

Facebook Fan Page Landing pages
Social Media Stardom has great options for this as well so be sure to check them out. CLICK HERE

One of my favorite things about Facebook is it’s capabilities to create viral activity

One of the first things you will want to do in your Facebook Fan Page marketing is to create engagement and trust. Some of the practices I listed above will really help with that but many are making the mistake of being to sales like on their pages. I always tell my students to especially in the beginning do the complete opposite by giving things away. For example in my niche which is Network Marketing I am always giving away free trainings that will benefit my fans just like this one I am doing now.

O.o Another hot tip for posting is using pictures and stories about something interesting that your fans will want to share with their friends.

I posted a picture recently of a donkey that was stuck in a well with a short story behind it. I had 200 plus shares on this picture and it increased my fans significantly. I recommend going to google images and searching for images that are inspiring to start out with. Then posting it with a story that resonates with you or your business. Or maybe find one that was shared by a friend and download it then create a story behind that. Main factor here is be creative and keep trying to engage your fans.

I often times will also post quotes and put a call to action after it asking my fans to click “like” if they agree.

Facebook has new rules on what is shown to your fans by popularity and the more likes you have on your posts the more your fans will see them. I will be sharing more information about this soon.

Just sharing a link is bad practice on Facebook and if you are doing this stop it now!

What you want to do to capture your fans attention and actually get them to click on the link is make sure you write something about the link and how it will benefit your fans.  When you are just starting to build a fan base you do not want to do to much heavy promotion. Remember you are building a relationship with your fans and gaining there trust by helping them solve their problems and adding some inspiration to their day.

If you have some testimonials or receive testimonials about your services/business it is a very good idea to share them with your fans when you get them.

Testimonials are a very powerful tool for your business and should be used often. You can direct traffic to your website when you post your testimonials as well by saying, “To learn more about what Shelly is so excited about go to my site.com”

How many times should you post a day?

This is important because you want to be very consistent so you achieve the results you desire with your fan page. I personally post to my fan page no less then 4 times in a day. I mix it up a bit too and kind of post randomly through out the day. I realize that for some who work during the day this may be difficult and if this is true I recommend outsourcing this project. Or having your post on a note pad ready to go and if you can post them yourself.

A sure way to engage your Facebook Fans is hosting contests or drawings

A contest can draw attention
to your business and give you
a list of people who want your
product or service.

Contests offer a range of benefits:

they give people a reason to connect with you, make your Page more fun, and gains more exposure for your brand and site. They also give you an opportunity to collect the emails of the people who entered the contest, and nurture them down the sales funnel.

For example:

if you’re a consultant, you can offer a consulting package that people may not know about. If you’re a florist, you could offer a “Fresh Flowers for a Month” package to get your community thinking about treating
themselves to flowers every week. If you’re a Web designer, you could give away a free website redesign to prompt others to use your services. When people enter your contest, you automatically have a list of potential customers.

There are many great reasons to have a Facebook Fan Page for your business and the most obvious reason is that there are currently 600 MILLION Facebook users and it is a FREE marketing platform.

Of course you may want to do some paid advertising and that does cost money but putting your business on Facebook is completely FREE! So with that being said it is worth you setting up your Facebook page and taking advantage of the eyeballs there as well.

I hope the tips and resources I listed in this post really benefit you in your Facebook marketing. For more advanced tips and tricks for Facebook Fan Pages CLICK HERE This training will show you exactly how this stay at home mom brought her husband home from corporate and is now raking in 6 figures a year! The real kicker is that she did it in less then 6 months. See for yourself 🙂

I am glad you stopped by and I absolutely love hearing from you so please leave your questions or comments below and make sure you share the wealth with your friends..

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Facebook Fan


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