Today’s post is just a  note with a lesson and some inspiration that I know will help you move in a direction to reach your true desires in life!

We had a long holiday weekend over here in the states and I took the family on some nature hikes, bike rides,  fishing, swimming in the ocean plus we had some good Barb Q on Memorial day! (courtesy of chef April Marie)

Actual picture of one of our adventures :)

Actual picture of one of our adventure spots over the weekend 🙂


Fun in the Florida sun 😉

I am more of a outdoorsy type…. I am totally into the rugged outdoors and growing up all I used to do is fish, catch frogs, tadpoles, turtles and bugs all day long. I always lived on a lake or river growing up so I had a lot of access to wildlife.. So this past weekend really felt good for me.

So nice to stop and smell the flowers this weekend and be away from the internet!

I was really thinking over the weekend about my goals and desires because one of the biggest goals I have is to be completely retired by the time I am 40 and travel the globe in my Azimet yacht really enjoying the outdoors.


My other half and I are still picking our exact Azimet yacht out but the pic below will give you a idea of what a Azimet Yacht is in case you do not know!


Do you have any real definite long term goals that you have a plan to achieve in the next 5 or more year?

With out a goal or definite purpose no plan will work so it’s really important that you think long and hard about what you really want.

Maybe you want to be debt free or have enough money to donate to a cause of your choice. Or how about never having to punch a time clock and having the freedom to jump on your yacht and return when you please.

What ever it is dream big and never limit yourself!

One thing I often do to really start visualizing my goals is watch youtube videos about places I want to travel too or yachts I want to drive. I recommend doing lot’s of visualization to help keep you motivated too!

When I first started my journey with Network Marketing my only goal was to have  freedom from a job.

I was a cocktail server at the time and my schedule was gruesome working 10 hr. shifts all night was not what I had in mind for my life. But at the time it was all about survival for me since I was raising 3 babies by myself.

So really having the freedom I have right now is so priceless! That was just my initial goal for myself that I ended up achieving 6 months before I had planned.

I had never set goals for myself in the past and this whole goal setting thing really didn’t at the time make sense to me but my mentor said I should set my goals and then make deadlines for achieving them.

In todays message (I know it’s kinda long) I really want to urge you to set your goals if you haven’t done that already but also create deadlines for achieving them.

I also find it very helpful to keep track of your progress towards your goals in a journal or composition notebook.

Did you know that people feel happiest when they are making progress?

Progress is really what makes us the happiest!

Think back to some of the happier times in your life.. Maybe you were welcoming a new baby, getting married, being promoted, or winning a award for something..

That’s all progress!!

When your making your way in a direction that is towards your goals it makes you feel happy right?

So maybe your not as happy as you would like in your life right now or maybe you just don’t know what you really want in life. Which means it’s time to really sit down and figure all that out so you can be happy!

I cannot stress to you enough how important it really is to know what you want, have it written down, and have a plan of action to achieve your goals is.

I have no tools or anything to share with you today.. I more just wanted you to get to know me more and give you some inspiration, tips or whatever to help you in your journey!

If this post helped you in any way please do share the light and goodness! Your comments, thoughts and heart are always appreciated when you share below always!! Hope to hear from you 🙂

See you on the next post!

Lot’s of Luv,  Light and Prosperity, 


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