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Tip To Boost Your Traffic and Followers On Twitter


Twitter is another awesome place to gain traction in your business. It’s ranked #2 most popular social media sites, so ya I think it’s def a place you should be hanging out. However I know for myself sometimes it’s easy to neglect the massive audience that is over there. Which is why I was really excited when I came across what I am about to share with you in the video below. Make sure you watch it and follow me on Twitter

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Confidence is a key area when it comes to achieving your goals in 2015. Read the rest of this entry

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Pro Vs Amateur – Overcoming Resistance


<<=== This post is Shareable, you should try it out… History proves that good things come to those that do!

Your life could be great if only you became a minion lol… That’s what the ride was all about that I went on of course it’s make a believe but I really loved some of the messages I saw while I was waiting in line so I took the opportunity to snap some cool pics to share with you.

Anyways YES you could have a good life and NO you don’t need to be a Minion to do it. I just like minions :)

But I do want to share with you some tips I think will help you have a great life and be successful in your biz today.

I have actually made some BIG changes recently with my health and have decided to take drastic measures in my kitchen. Yesterday as I was planning 10352983_10203544055869818_2394865972371017076_nfor all the healthy food I was gonna eat and driving around to different stores to pick up some of the missing ingredients I needed to make my healthy dinner it dawned on me that it’s no wonder people are so unhealthy these days.

I mean not very many people have time to run around to all these different stores then come home and chop up veggies and cook like I just did last night. Just my breakfast this morning took me over 30 minutes to cook but oh was it worth it.  ==>

If you’re not as healthy as you like I bet part of it is because you don’t have a lot of time between meals to plan and prepare. See most people don’t realize this but you have to make time if you want time.

It’s not a big secret or anything but the reason I have the time to be healthy now is because I have made time to create freedom in my life over the last 5 years and because of that I will actually live longer too. Who would of thought you can actually live longer if you become financially free :)

You may or may not know this about me but for over 15 years I smoked, drank diet pop and didn’t work out. It was a horrible lifestyle and 2 years ago I dropped the cigs and pop. My only last clutch was the bad food. Til now atleast!

This post is not about being healthy however… It’s to inspire you to fight harder for your financial freedom! Just the living longer part alone is worth it but imagine what your life will be like if you just put in the time now to grow a home business or learn a new marketing strategy.

If you want to be successful it all boils down to a few things and they are not hard I promise…

Consistency and Persistence!

Do you know what the hardest part is about becoming successful for most people is?

GETTING STARTED! Yes seriously that’s it… You would think it would be something more complicated but actually it is not.

And even better news is it’s not hard to get started either. You see we all suffer from some type of resistance that stops us at every turn. It won’t ever go away in fact it’s actually a good thing to have.

You might be wondering how that could be which is why you’ll want to listen in on the recording from yesterdays MLSP Wake Up Call I did.

Pick up the War Of Art By Steven Pressfield on Amazon or Audible HERE

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Ok so most of the time we make things out to be harder than they need to be and then we never end up getting started or finishing what we started. It’s all made up garble in your head and you may think you need to find motivation or even worse see a shrink but the fact remains the only cure is to just get started.

I love the way Nike puts it!

My hope for you today is that you “just get started”! The only time is now… There is never a perfect time!

Did you get some value from this post? If so share the love and let me know below…

See you on the next post!

Luv Ya,

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<<=== This post is Shareable you should try it out :) Good things come to those that do! 

There’s three main components to creating a fail proof plan that sticks and works for your home business… Most people set out into the New Year excited and ready to take on the world.

The problem is their blaze of fire often becomes a trail of smoke after only about 3 to 4 weeks, resistance kicks in and most end up back where they started. Read the rest of this entry

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Turn your Setbacks into Comebacks

Every Setback is a setup for a comebackIf you have been in business for any amount of time you have probably had some setbacks by now…

Setbacks are expected but if you don’t know how to use them to your advantage they can be hard to come back from….

Which is why in today’s post I share tips on how to overcome setbacks and use them to have more growth in your business than you ever thought possible.

Setbacks are really our friend!

Listen to the replay of the MLSP call I did below to learn how to  turn setbacks into comebacks…

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