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Are you speaking Instagramish fluently yet?

One of the hardest things to do is learn a new social media language especially when there’s so much to learn when joining a new social site for the first time. Read the rest of this entry

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How to get 10+ leads per day on Twitter

Are you getting leads on Twitter yet?

A few years ago I was getting a massive amount of leads from Twitter for my biz but unfortunately that well dried up or at least I had thought it did until I met my very good friends April & Matt Findley.

April and Matt Findley Read the rest of this entry

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Want a easy simple way to natively share your Instagram posts to Twitter and Facebook?

If so I got a quick Insta tip that you’re gonna love…

I love tools and in this case phone apps that I can leverage to save myself time… Don’t you? Read the rest of this entry

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change your stinking thinkingDo you struggle with your stinking thinking?

One of the most often overlooked reason for a person that is struggling is their mindset. They think if only I had more people to talk about or if only I knew how to generate more leads than I could be successful…

When in reality people that are successful don’t even think like that. In fact the BIGGEST reason people struggle in business is their stinking thinking. Read the rest of this entry

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Need lead for your home business? One of the best ways to get a ton of leads and make money online is to have a free offer. Read the rest of this entry

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