How to Skype

How to Skype

Want to learn How to Skype?

I am often times asked how I use Skype for my business.. I have been a avid user of skype for over 2 yeas now and see many people missing the boat on “How to Skype”. Using Skype is free and a very cost effective way to communicate around the world.

In this post I am going to share with you How to Skype and ways that I use it to effectively manage my team, make new connections and drive traffic for my business but first I want to share with you exactly what Skype is by giving you a insiders Skype Review.

Which will speed up the learning process on “how to Skype”.

So what is Skype?

Per their website

Skype is for doing things together, whenever you’re apart. Skype’s text, voice and video make it simple to share experiences with the people that matter to you, wherever they are..

I currently have a global team in 15 countries and Skype has enabled us to be closer. Exactly what they say on is so true. However when it comes to business there are many ways to use Skype.

How to Skype – Setting up your profile

Add your image:

If you are a business owner or professional it is so important that you add your image. So that people can see you! Often times I see people with no image or a image of their business/ products. Remember people want to connect with people and if you have your logo or products it screams this person just wants to sell me something or what is this person hiding. DO NOT skip this step..

How to Skype

How to Skype

To add your image simply click the upload button. You are also going to want to fill out as much about yourself as possible. KEYWORD: Self Don’t tell people about your products or services. The most effective thing that you could do if you are trying to get leads or customers is offer something of value. You’ll see what I mean in the video below. Skype can help you gain traffic and customers for your business if used effectively which I will show you in the video below.

How to Skype – Setting up your account

Well first you are going to want to create a account at I recommend if your on Facebook to connect your account so it imports all of your Facebook friends.

How to Skype

How to Skype


 How to Skype – Importing your contacts

Part of getting started on Skype will be importing your contacts and I love the feature that allows you to add your Facebook contacts..

How to Skype

How to Skype


Ok so now that were set up let’s look at some ideas to improve your experience and most importantly make more money in your business.

How to Skype to run your business more efficiently and gain more traffic + Leads – Watch the video below

I love Skype for growing my business. It keeps me close to my team and friends in fact here is a picture of me, my sister and my daughter video chatting. Great way for me to keep in touch with the ones that I love since all of my family is in

Skype video Calling

Skype video Calling

Michigan and I live in Florida.

So there you have it some cool ways that you can use Skype for your business and every day life!!

One last Tip before I go.. Add a Skype Call me button like I did below. All you  do is go on over to and add your details. Copy and paste HTML code and your good to go 🙂


While your here if we are not connected on Skype go ahead and give me a add

I hope you enjoyed this post and can now start to use Skype effectively for your business. Obviously there are a ton of ways to use Skype for Business in fact you can sign up for Skype Business and access group video calling and much more. But this post should get you started!

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To your Skype  Success and beyond,

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How to Skype

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