April MarieWhat’s the secret to Unleashing your Inner Alpha and becoming WILD-LY SUCCESSFUL in Network Marketing?

I just love this topic because I absolutely with out a doubt believe that those that choose to become successful will! But what if you had no belief in Network Marketing and everything inside of you is/was fighting against your success? Well this may not be you but it was me when I got started in my primary Network Marketing Business.

I failed at everything in life until Network Marketing found me!

I dropped out of High school twice, got pregnant at the age of 17 and became a single mom by the age of 18. Was nearly homeless at the age of 27 with 3 kids and once again a single mom. That’s just a tid bit of what I have put myself through but you get the idea!

When I started in this industry I was one of those people that you probably would have rather not recruited! I had the worst mindset and had no belief in Network Marketing at all.

The worst part about it was I had no belief in myself either!

I tried to quit Network marketing everyday for 3 months straight and would have rather died then go prospecting. Crazy as this all sounds when you look at me now but it is all true.

When I gave my sponsor my credit card to sign up for my primary biz everything inside of me was screaming don’t do it!

I came into this business landing flat on my face! I honestly wanted nothing to do with it because I had this perception that it is all about sales and thought Network Marketers were blood sucking vampires! After I joined I dragged my feet every step of the way and I was so ashamed of what I had done.

I know many people that join Network Marketing with excitement but their families make fun of them or tell them it will never work. In my case I taunted me, I told myself that it would never work and it was all a scam! Pretty crazy considering that this was a little less then 2 years ago huh?

Now look at me I am WILD-LY successful full time from home, I was inducted into the Internet Marketers Hall of Fame and am often times one of the top recruiters in my primary!Live the Dream

I’ve been able to place in the top 5 for company incentive trips that took me to Spain, Italy,  France and recently to Los Cabos, Mexico. I’ve been on  the leaders board in the #1 spot for recruiting in my 16 yr old primary company. I’ve  recruited close to 200 people into my primary and MLSP combined, and recently became a Internet Marketing  hall of Famer.

The picture to the right is me on stage at Live the Dream 2 being rewarded for my efforts 🙂

This has all happened for me since December of last year and looking back on it all it’s been a crazy and unbelievable ride!!

Yep I caught the Network Marketing bug! So what shifted, what changed for me? How did this Casino Cocktail Server become full time in her Online Network Marketing Business and become a Internet Marketing Hall of Famer in less then 12 mos.?

Well tonight my friend, I will be sharing all with, Darren Little “The MLM Super Hero” and if you have ever had negative experiences with your family or friends because you joined Network Marketing or have a hard time believing Network Marketing Success is possible then this will be a call you will never forget!

One of the biggest reasons I am successful is because of calls like these! Listening to people’s awe inspiring success stories about how they made it to the top and all of the trials and tribulations they conquered to do it is life changing!

Keep your Burning desire alive and join me tonight to learn exactly how this Cocktail Server turned into a Internet Marketing icon in less then 12 mos!!


10:30 P.M. EST – 9:30 P.M. CST – 8:30 P.M. MST – 7:30P.M. PST

Call in:

CODE: 809972

This is going to be one of those calls you won’t want to miss! See you tonight!!


April Marie Tucker (321) 591-8695 april@aprilmarietucker.com
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P.S. One key quality that most successful people have is that they invest in their skill set and increase their value!

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April Marie Tucker About April Marie Tucker
April Marie went from being a Single Mom, BROKE Cocktail Server slaving away all night in high heels and a tu-tu in cold Chicago to with in a few months leaving that job and now working 15 to 20 hrs a week from the comfort of her laptop in beautiful SUNNY Florida. She now enjoys traveling the world, living at the beach, raising her 3 children and assisting others to doing the same. April Marie is a Online Marketer that specializes in the Artistry of Network Marketing. She prides herself on helping others that truly have the desire to change their circumstances through sharing much of her training for FREE on this blog but also personally mentoring and coaching people to the top! If you have questions or if you are seeking success online with your business you have certainly come to the right place. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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