Lead Net Pro is it a Scam?

More than likely your hear trying to figure out if Lead Net Pro is a viable lead generation system for your business or perhaps you have had contact from some one at Lead net Pro and like me you wanted to see what others had to say about their experiences with Lead Net Pro.

To be honest with you I have never used Lead Net Pro and I have not witnessed a scam from the system itself.

However I really had to get this post out to everyone because of the recent contact I have had from  a representative from Lead Net Pro.

So if you don’t know, Lead Net Pro is a lead scraper and Phone / Text message broadcaster and recently I started receiving annoying Phone calls from other Network Marketers using Lead Net Pro and they never stop.

It’s super annoying and if you ask me it only pisses people off which is not a very effective way to get them into your business.

BTW.. I did a little digging on Lead net Pro and there are numerous scam complaint on Lead Net Pro go ahead and see for yourself CLICK HERE to see just one of many I pulled up.

Ok so I am not going to give you a big ole lesson in this post about spam, personal branding, or effective lead generation..

Really all I want to do is make sure everyone is aware of some of the unethical tactics that reps from Lead Net Pro are using before what happened to me happens to you. Or even worse you fall for the Lead Net Pro guys scam (Gene Perry).

On February 1 st I received a text message that said “Saw your Immunotec Info online.. Hope to join your team in the next few days. Just need your email address to communicate further.. Thanks Gene Perry

I raised a eye brow when I first saw this because first of all my email and phone number are all over the web.

But then I thought maybe they just missed it and after all I do get calls to join my team quite frequently so I responded and sent him my email.

After I did that I received a text message back saying “Excited about you being our Immunotec sponsor (my primary business) .. Look for a EMAIL from Gene Perry that will let you get to know more about me and my team.

Now this is where it just get’s super strange and hear me out because man this email just sounded so awesome. A Networkers dream really.

Below is a copy of the email I received from my good ole scammer friend Gene Perry from Lead Net Pro.

Subject line:

The IMMUNOTEC email..that I texted about!!

Thanks for getting back to me…
Well, I’m quite excited about the potential
fortune that awaits with IMMUNOTEC!!


It is my goal over the next 2-3 days
to identify a sponsor who is serious about
the business and excited that my
soon-to-be rapidly-expanding group
will be in their Immunotec downline!!


You see, I’ve been a full-time networker for the
last 27 years (since I was 22 years old) and …
let me tell you it has been quite an exciting ride.
I’ve been fortunate to have earned many
a small “fortune” over the years!!


The really BIG payoff came just 6 months ago
though ~ when a few associates and I were
part of the development of what has been by far
the greatest Lead Creation and Marketing System
that I have EVER experienced.


** It has produced $237,000 profit **
( in JUST 6 months )


Our team members have built downlines
in 3 different programs during these last
several months, and each has over 5000
distributors in them already … so, now
it is my intention to apply it, one more time,
in a major way to explode IMMUNOTEC!!!


It is pretty much a sure thing at this point that
my system will bring onboard (5-8) new Immunotec
distributors frontline each day…which will mean
about 200 personals over the next 30 days …
that will grow into a downline organization
of at least 3000+ over the next 90 days or so!!


If I were to decide to build my Immunotec team with you …
Question: Would you be willing to take a few hours
to learn the functions of my marketing system?? …
So that, if I were ever to not be available to assist
a downline member, you would be up to speed
enough to provide them with any support that
they may need … If your answer is YES …
Let’s make it happen!!


In hopes that we get a chance to work together,
let me go ahead and give you partial access to
our proprietary system that has allowed us to earn
that $237,000 in just the last 6 months alone…
Yep I’m serious!!


With the THOUSANDS that will be joining our Immunotec
downline … look for a potential increase in your income
of at least $10,000 beginning over the next 30 days!!


Please GIVE ME A CALL right after you have
reviewed all the details at the link below and accessed
the “Training Videos” in our system back office.
I will give you the rest of the info on how we will
make things happen BIG with IMMUNOTEC!!



I hope to honor the long-standing ethic of signing up
under the first person that expresses interest in sponsoring.
Your timely call solidifies that relationship…
So, I’ll await your call ASAP!


Gene Perry
24/7 in the U.S.A.

Lead Net Pro looks like a Scam

Seriously!! What are you thinking right now? Really? Sounds to good to be true huh?

I was actually cracking up because I knew it sounded way to good to be true. You know the saying that if it sounds to good to be true it probably is right? Yea we all go by that but I could see someone that is new to this business falling for this.

Especially once they watched the Bull crap video for Lead Net Pro and then talked to Gene Perry.

I decided to play along with this guy and actually in the back of my mind I was thinking please let this be for real! Geesh wouldn’t that be so awesome 🙂

I called the guy after I knew what it was to see if anyone would answer. He did! He immediately directed me to finish watching the videos. He was a real piece of work haha.

So I called this scamming P.O.S back again after the video and he said  he was so glad to have found a sponsor for his team and now I have to learn Lead Net Pro so I can assist his team.

Then he directed me back to my computer to gt started with training. Oh did I know what was coming or did I? Ok I gave him the benefit of the doubt but of course my intuition was dead on.

He started guiding me through getting started alright and right to the sign up page where it asks for $97 for admin fees and then $300 to pay him.

I was in aw! don’t worry I did not give this trickery man my money! I immediately jumped up from my computer and asked him how long really has he been in the Network Marketing Business. He said 27 years and I then asked and in those 27 years did anyone ever teach you that people buy from people they like know and trust?

He immediately started yelling at me and said that he was going to join me and didn’t know me!

I laughed and said you were never going to join me but we can play along like you were. Then he started on this whole I guess I will have to find another sponsor for my team I texted 7 others and you were the first to respond. You do realize that you will be passing up a downline of 8,000 in the next six months and $300,000 right?

Now common sense tells me that Gene Perry from Lead Net Pro  is a big time scammer. He was even playing the fear of loss tactic with me but in such a immoral way.

The conversation did not end well and I ended up hanging up on him for his hostile tone and nature. Really I could not believe what just happened! I was literally seeing stars after getting off the phone with him.

It is people like Gene Perry from Lead Net Pro that give the Network Marketing Industry a bad name and I pray that by me putting this information out in the world that it saves people from being scammed.

Honestly because I went thru his whole process an the promise of the big downline etc. sounds so appealing that I am sure Gene get’s people to fall for his lies all day long. Now I can’t get Lead Net Pro people to stop spamming my phone.

What the hell are people in the Network Marketing industry coming too?

Seriously to have to spam and harrass people to go to a website especially on their cell phone is over the top. I see this as a lazy marketers dream system for sure.

Really in reality I talk to struggling marketers all day and even one’s that are using Lead Net Po and guess what? Yes they are still struggling. So does scams and spamming work? I have no idea I have never tried it!

What I do know is that it is wrong! This type of marketing pisses me off! If you have to lie and cheat people to get them into your business then you should be in jail! These people are nothing less of a con artist!

I wish people like this would just get the hell out of our industry!

They’re giving us all a bad name and leaving bad tastes in a lot  of people’s mouths!  So glad I am sharing this post with you because after I asked my good friend Darren Little about the email I received he said he knew all about it. WOW where have I been! I had no idea that people at Lead Net Pro were scamming Network Marketers this way!

Now that I do know I had to uncover this to warn everyone to watch out for too good to be true information VIA text message, phone, or email because it is a big fat Lead Net pro SCAM to rape you of your money!

Believe me when I say there is a wrong way to market and a right way! Take the time to increase your skill set and learn the right way to grow your business online.  Here’s a free training on how to get Limitless leads for life – for FREE!

So is Lead Net Pro for you? That is really a personal decision that you will have to make for yourself. I know for me I will never use it since I know how to effectively generate upwards of 100 qualified leads per day for my business. These in my opinion are the best type of leads since they are highly targeted and I attract people that are actually looking to work for me.

As with any company there is always a bad seed! Some rep ruining it for the other reps! Whether it’s Lead net Pro or another lead system it’s important to do your due diligence and get the facts before joining.

I would love to hear from you if you have experienced something similar especially or if you have any feed back about this. Help me spread the word about Lead Net Pro and Gene Perry. Let’s save the integrity that is left in this industry and help shut down people like this!

Have you had a similar experience like this? How about have you had a good experience with Lead Net Pro? Share with us all your experiences or comments below! It really helps us all when you share!


 Lead Net Pro Scam

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