Margaret Wilson Network Marketing Success coach

Margaret Wilson Network Marketing Success coach

I am proud to announce Margaret R Wilson as my newest Fan of the Week.. It has been really fun and exciting to witness the explosive growth Margaret Wilson has had this past year.

She surely does not take success lightly and knows exactly what it takes to succeed in Network Marketing Online.

When I met Margaret Wilson earlier this past year she was actually pitching me on Facebook and I suggested to her that she take a look at other ways to market as the way she was marketing then was very ineffective.

Since then we have worked together diligently and she has excelled very rapidly. She is a Network Marketer that really get’s what it takes to success in business.

Margaret Wilson is very passionate about helping others and has taken it upon herself to become a expert at profiting online.

Her key focus has been establishing relationships through Social Media. Her first few weeks in MLSP landed her as my team member of the month .

To be honest with you she really caught my eye right off the bat especially after watching her generate over 100 leads her first month and a half.

Margaret Wilson really took the bull by the horns when joining MLSP which is the largest online lead generation  system today. Part of the reason Margaret has been so successful is because her WHY is strong enough to make her cry and she has a complete vision of the future.

I must say Margaret is one of my students that I learn from on a consistent basis as well. So what does Margaret have to say about her vision for the future and my mentorship?

Margaret R Wilson

I’ve been involved in the awesome industry of Network Marketing for 3 years now. I had the same struggles and made the same mistakes as most network marketers do. It is said that opportunity knocks when it is least expected. My opportunity came disguised in a mistake that I had made and learned from.In February of 2011 I was posting links and offering my opportunity (at that time) to my Facebook connections by sending them a private message or putting it directly on their wall. As we all know, this is not a proper way to get to know people. When I sent April Marie Tucker my message she replied with “ I don’t even know you and I think you need to go back and re-read the ebook your offering because you obviously missed something.” I felt offended but also thought “this lady obviously knows what she’s talking about, I wonder what business she’s in”? That was when I found MyLeadSystemPro and Immunotec. I fill out a form on her website and to my surprise she called me. From then on she became my mentor and coach and has brought me up from being a Network Marketing rookie to a MLM Rock Star.~Margaret R Wilson from WWW. MARGARETRWILSON.COM

I expect great things from Margaret R Wilson in 2012 and I know for a fact that 2o12 will be her break out year!

Be sure to go and fan Margaret R Wilson to stay up to date with her. She has awesome strategies for generating leads and getting started online. To fan Margaret Wilson on Facebook CLICK HERE

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By Margaret Wilson becoming my fan of the week she has won:

  • A FREE Social Media  and Blogging Consultation  by me which we have already almost complete her new look for her blog check it out Margaret R Wilsons Blog  We will be working on her fan page next!
  • She also will be featured on my Fan page with over 4,000 fans for the next week.
  • Plus she will be able to be a guest blogger on this blog which receives over a thousand hits a day. Talk about massive exposure for her!!

So when all is said and done this is a amazing opportunity for Margaret Wilson to kick off the New Year and further excel. Please help me in congratulating her and make sure you stop by to say hello to Margaret on her Fan Page CLICK HERE

See you on the next post!!


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