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I just started working on my presentation for Live The Dream 5 in Austin where I will be sharing some of my lead getting and income producing strategies on Instagram and decided to crank out a quick blog post so I could share my fav apps for creating stunning images, more leads and followers…

Since really ramping things up on Instagram 4 months ago I have been able to attract over 11,000 targeted followers, create up to 30 plus leads per day and sign up over 20 new people in a month to my business.

What I really love about Instagram is that anyone can easily and quickly start getting results there. I taught a class for the My Lead System Pro community a few months back and brand new people are getting some crazy good results almost insta-ntly.

Maybe that’s why it’s called Insta-Gram 🙂 Everything is Instant!

Ok so let’s get into it shall we! I use quite a few Apps for my Instagram marketing but here are my top 5 cannot live with out Apps that bring in the best lead and income producing results.

My Top Instagram Apps:

SwiftSwift Key Key

Is a new one I started using recently that has predictive text and over 800 emoji’s which are the cool little smiley icons you see all over Instagram. I love this app too because you can customize the look and feel of your keyboard as well.

Install it and see what you think! Might take a bit to get used to but the features are well worth it in my opinion 🙂



This one is a MUST for your Hashtags! I used to use another one and it was very limited. This one floats on your Instagram. It’s really accessible but even better allows you to store your own hashtags, so you can quickly copy and paste them into your posts. It’s free so scoop it up and give it a go! You will be glad you did 🙂



This one is still one of my favorites because it is so easy to use to create awesome inspirational images on the whim. I recommended it in my training and still recommend it. I do recommend purchasing it because otherwise you have their logo on it. But it is free if you don’t mind it. I just think it’s worth the $1.99 to be able to use it to brand your business and not InstaQuote.



This is my go to all in one App. Literally it does everything! Text on images, collages, stickers, clip art and more. You can do some pretty cool stuff on the fly with it. So it is probably one of my top apps for creating stunning images. It also has Picasa images included. So you can browse their gallery and find some cool backgrounds for quotes.

Ok, time for my #1… And it was a tough choice because I have so many Apps that I love but it’s the most used App on my phone.  Drum roll please…… 🙂


 Studio Design

Studio Design is a amazing App that really is feature rich with lot’s of different fonts, shapes and more. I create most of my images with this App. I love it! It’s a little more advanced but once you get the hang of it you will love the creativity you can produce with it. Give it a go and see for yourself.

I will have a course coming out in November and all of these Apps I will share step by step how I use them so you’ll definitely want to stay tuned for that. In the mean time you can check out the FREE training I did on Instagram below.

Insta Biz Builder

Instagram really is the best social site for brands right now because it is by far the most interactive. If you are not on Instagram you definitely need to be and although this post will help you get going, the full blown training I did for the MLSP community a few months back will help you even more.

If we have yet to connect on Instagram give me a add now so you can keep up with what I am doing. I share tips and inspiration there all day long!

Do you use any of the mentioned Apps above? If so which is your favorite? Would love to hear from you. Share your thought’s and join the conversation below!

If you enjoyed this post be sure to share the love with your friends and I will see you on the next post!

Luv & Prosperity,

April Marie Tucker

Online Marketing & Home Business Pro

on stage at ltd 2

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