Prospecting tips One of the major fears I see people have in the industry is the phone! It’s not uncommon especially for the new person to feel  like the phone weighs 5 tons which ultimately leads to procrastination and a business that is dead in the water.

I know because I was there! I don’t really no anyone that did not at some point have a fear of the phone!

In fact it’s so common that it could very well be a huge contributor to the huge failure rate in our industry.

This is a topic so dear to my heart because I struggled tremendously with picking up the phone myself  and  I really wanted to get this training video out to the world because I know it will help so many.

Once I was able to overcome my fear of the phone my business really began to take off! It wasn’t easy at first and there was a lot of mind set issues that I had to fix which is normally the case for most people but I know the tips I share with you will really help you if you suffer from phone phobia.

Most people are prospecting wrong anyways! You want to know how I know?

Because people somehow think I am their qualified prospect and call me up all the time spewing on me there business and products. No one cares about your products, services or opportunity! Bottom line they care about them and how you can help them. Shocker I know but think about it do you care more about how or what? Of course you’ll want to know what too but mostly you care about how it will benefit you!

So in the video below I will share with you some of my most coveted tips for prospecting and exactly how I recruit people every day to my business.

Yes you have to pick up the phone but I will help you look at that different too so you can get over that fear too.



We make things more complicated for ourselves most of the time and I have to tell you prospecting is no science and you are going to be bad at it before your good but really you do not need to explain anything about your company.

You only need to convey the message that you are here to help and then point and direct to the perfect presentation every time. Via a company video or whatever it is you use to present your opportunity or program. If your unsure then ask your sponsor or whom ever it is that helps you what is the best presentation to send to people.

Just let them know you are really excited about the opportunity you are going to share with them and that they need to take it very seriously because it could change their life. Put a sense of urgency on it! Then ask them when they would have a chance to watch the presentation and schedule a follow up with your sponsor or who ever you do 3 ways with.

I always say 3 way or fade away!

I use 3 ways alot in my business because they are the most powerful tool I have for closing. It’s important to have a strong team that will work with you to help with 3 way calls.

When you follow this plan you don’t have to know everything! You are merely the messenger and are only supposed to deliver the information the person needs to make a educated decision.  Network Marketing is not a sales business like most people seem to think. I think that people like myself in the beginning think you have to be good at sales when that is definitely not the case at all. In fact the more salesy you are the less successful you will be.

Do you like to be sold? I know I don’t that’s why I always take the time to have a conversation first. Getting into business with someone is a serious decision and you have to choose your partners wisely. After all you wouldn’t marry someone you barely new or was only trying to sell you something would you?

Understand these key factors and you will be well on your way to double digit sponsoring month after month. i have turned plenty of people away that I just did not want to work with for many reasons. I stopped caring about the money long ago and know that my business consists of helping others and making new long lasting relationships.

Start reaching out to touch people’s lives everyday!

The #1 duty of a leader is to inspire others to do things they normally would not do. The motivation comes from with in and no one can make some one do anything. It’s important that in your conversation your sharing stories of how your products or opportunity have helped ou or someoe you know as well. It all comes out when your just having a conversation but remember to keep it all about your new friend and how you can help them.

That’s all anyone cares about!

Now it’s your turn tell me your thought’s below. I want to hear your story! I love hearing from those that are doing but if your not doing here’s your chance to start.

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If this post benefited you in anyway be sure to share the wealth with your friends and I will see you on the next post!

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