Network Publisher Save time with this WP Plugin that shares your Blog Posts to Facebook GroupsNetwork Publisher is a awesome WP Plug that I use to syndicate all of my Blog Posts to Social Media. I really like this Plug-in especially for posting to my Facebook Groups since I belong to so many.

Network Publisher has completely automated the sharing of my Blog Posts

which has enabled me to just focus on creating content. It used to take so much time for me to share all of my content to all of my Facebook groups.

So in today’s post I am going to share with you exactly how to set up Network Publisher so that you too can start automating your syndication on Facebook and much more.Sign up for Network Publisher

  • Ok so first what you will want to do is sign up for a Links Alpha account CLICK HERE They’ve made the proces quite simple you can simply link your Facebook account to sign up or your Google account.
  • After you have done that go ahead and Click add new Plug in in your WP back office then search for Network Publisher
  • Once installed you will see it to the right on your dashboard under the Plug-ins tab Click on Network Publisher.

You will then see your back office of Network Publisher and the first step will be to  Connect your Social Media accounts at once in you will want to:

  • Click on the tab called Publisher to the right of your screen then click add website.



  • After you have done that you will want to start connecting your networks which is my favorite feature of the Network Publisher plug-in. I started with Facebook and as you can see you can add your Fan Pages and Groups as well. If your going to use the FREE version however you will only be able to add about 5 Networks so of course I upgraded for $4.99 a month to publish to 200 networks. I belong to a lot of groups so this is really beneficial for me because time is money and posting to nearly 200 groups is really painful lol.

  • Once you have added all of your Facebook Networks you will want to click the Publish button that will be all the way to the right of each group, profile, or fan page

Rinse and repeat the process for each Network. In your posts you will see a check box in the upper right hand corner that you can use to publish or to not publish your posts.  Which there is a image to the left provided.

One last thing that I highly recommend you installing is WP RSS Images so that the picture in your posts show up when your posts are published. With out this plug in you will not see images with your posts so it is highly recommended addition to this plug.

I have used Networks Publisher for FREE for about a year and just actually recently upgraded for $4.99.

I wish I had done this much sooner because I am now seeing how much time it is saving me. Such a awesome tool to add to your tool box 🙂

I am so happy to share this with you today!! I hope you see the added value that Network Publisher can add to your blog. I think Network Publisher is a amazing tool and I know once you have it set up you will too.

If you enjoyed this post and feel it will benefit others be sure to share it with your friends and like always I love hearing from you so leave me your comment and questions below. See you on the next post!!


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