Is it the pain of Change or the pain of regret that you are afraid of?

For example many people fear the pain of change and they have a hard time foreseeing the pain of regret. Whether it be fear of change to be successful in your MLM business or fear of change to lose weight. This really goes for all aspects in your life and business.

Most people have what I like to call tunnel vision and they cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Is this why you are failing in your MLM business? Most likely it is!

People including myself fall short to think far enough ahead they let the fear of change distract them from seeing their real fear, the fear of regret. We are wired to think in the present, hence the reason you may feel like quitting your MLM business at times or you think that going to another MLM company will solve your problems. All entrepreneurs must have the ability to think long term for any business including Network Marketing.

Most people think they are failing in MLM because of the company, products, their upline, their downline, etc. The fact of the matter is, is that these are all just really good excuses. You play them in your mind over and over again and they become your reality.  Then you decide to quit or you change MLM companies.

Here is the fact you have only hurt yourself. You gave up on you not anyone or anything else. It may take you years to achieve success in your MLM business. But it’s hard for you to see that because of your stinking thinking.

You may even “think and grow rich” but when you don’t see results in the short term you give up. You think you have tried everything to make it work and it’s not you at all, or is it? Of course it is you have held  back you do the same things over and over again. You may even fear the change of success.  Here comes the pain of change you aren’t willing to actually do what it takes.

I see this a lot when it comes to Attraction Marketing as well. Most are not willing to position themselves as a leader and really make themselves stand out in a crowd. Which is really the only way you are going to have success in Network Marketing. The fear of rejection or criticism by putting yourself out there. Or how about with Online Marketing you fear that you can’t do it so you limit yourself  because you are afraid of failing. You can tell yourself all of this, I know because I did it.

Watch this video to here my story :)

So you see I took my pain of regret and made it my own. I saw that the pain of change did not by far outweigh my pain of regret and I used this to motivate me. I made a decision to not let anything stop me from succeeding in attraction marketing and network marketing.

It was my fear of change that held me back from being everything I can be. I decided to never let that happen again. I made a decision to “JUST DO IT!” Why? Because I am not going to let anything stop me. Nor should you just go for it and don’t look back. If you don’t you will have the pain of regret, what could have been. It is far worse then the little pain of change.

In Network Marketing long term thinking is key as with any business. It takes guts, blood sweat and tears but the end result far outweighs no results.

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I hope that you are reevaluating your fears as of now and that you have decided to take the bull by the horns. How could you not the time is now. There is so much going on in the world and I know that you are looking for ways to prepare as well. Don’t let anything hold you back. Go for the GOLD!

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To your success,

April Marie Tucker About April Marie Tucker
April Marie went from being a Single Mom, BROKE Cocktail Server slaving away all night in high heels and a tu-tu in cold Chicago to with in a few months leaving that job and now working 15 to 20 hrs a week from the comfort of her laptop in beautiful SUNNY Florida. She now enjoys traveling the world, living at the beach, raising her 3 children and assisting others to doing the same. April Marie is a Online Marketer that specializes in the Artistry of Network Marketing. She prides herself on helping others that truly have the desire to change their circumstances through sharing much of her training for FREE on this blog but also personally mentoring and coaching people to the top! If you have questions or if you are seeking success online with your business you have certainly come to the right place. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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