A few years ago if you would of told me I would be marketing and churning out cash from my mobile phone I wouldn’t have believed you.

Until recently actually I never even realized how much more money i could really make by leveraging some apps and using the power of my phone. 

My Smart Phone really is smarter than me 🙂

So we all know you need a phone to call leads and yes that is still one of the most powerful ways to build your business!

But there’s a ton of great ways that I use my phone to market and increase my income online.

The best part is if you can make money from your mobile phone you can literally be mobile!

More FREE time to do the things you enjoy most is what working from home is all about but with out the working from home part.

Gone are the days where we call it working from home! Now it’s called working from your mobile phone. 

Getting my drift here? Hope you are as excited as I am 🙂

Most people are mobile these days. They check their email, Social Media, watch Youtube videos and search Google all from their mobile devices. Just check out these stats below:


Ok so here’s some ways that I use my phone to grow my business and make more money while having a LIFE!

Use your Mobile phone for to create videos  – If you’ve checked out my Youtube ever you’ll notice I have loads of videos and many of them are taken from my mobile phone. In fact I even have a mobile phone stand and special mic for those windy days that I can carry along in my purse.

Lifestyle is the #1 product you have so make it a point to feature it along with adding value to your YouTube channel. You can also upload your vids to Facebook, post 15 second videos on Instagram and more.

Most of the money I make in my business comes from video believe it or not.

My phone rings all day because of videos I created years ago.

If you would like to learn exactly how I do that check out My Lead System Pro

If you create content on a consistent basis and lead with value you will begin to attract people that are looking for solutions to their problems. Think about it why did you end up on this blog post? What attracted you? It’s the same concept.

I make thousands by sharing content like this and much of it is done right from my Smart Phone.

Smart Phone Money Marketing Tip #1

Download some apps form the Google Playstore or iTunes – Your marketing can virtually be created from your mobile phone. just by downloading a few apps like; Youtube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, Instagram, Skype, and some of the cool apps I mentioned here in this Instagram training

I use a lot of apps on my phone so that I can keep in touch with my social networks, send messages, network, create content and more.

Often times I am in my bed on my phone getting work done or lying on the beach catching a tan while the cash flows into my accounts.

Smart Phone Money Marketing Tip #2

Speech to text – I love being able to send a text or email to someone with out typing. This feature is built right into most smart phones. If your more efficient with your time and activities that’s money right there. So using some of the cool time saving features on your phone will ultimately make you more money because time is money.

Smart Phone Money Marketing Tip #3

Google Calendar or Daily Planners – You can get very organized by simply tapping into the power of using a schedule or planner. I particularly like Google Calendar cause it streams across all of my devices and links to my Gmail. If you can manage your time and have a set Daily Method of Operation with Notifications set for when you should be doing certain money making activities you will be much more effective in your business.

That’s money right there!

I love my smart phone cause it allows me to do business virtually anywhere. Pretty much everything I do in my business I can do from my smart phone.

And recently I have discovered a way to generate 20 plus leads per day on Instagram and it keeps getting better.

Smart Phone Money Marketing Tip #4

Learn how to generate unlimited income and leads on Instagram for FREE!



Did this post help you? How do you use your smart phone for business?

Would love to hear from you in the comment thread below… And if you enjoyed this post be sure to share the LOVE!

Your awesome and I will see you on the next post!

Thanks for coming by!

Luv & Prosperity,

April Marie Tucker

Online Marketing & Home Business Pro

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