Surprisingly, very few online businesses take advantage of the traffic benefits of issuing Press Releases, preferring instead to follow the mundane routines of article marketing, which is far more complex and time consuming. Consider this – with article marketing, the business owner has to focus on indirectly driving traffic back to their web site by writing about a variety of topics, all without being able to clearly promote their business activities.

Press Releases on the other hand, allow the business owner to write short, compelling pieces directly about their business activities and present them to the media.

Online, there are dozens of FREE web services dedicated to the collection and distribution of Press Releases, which are in turn picked up and displayed on other, related web sites via RSS or News Feeds. Depending upon the news worthiness of the Press Release, it’s not uncommon to find them picked up by the media as filler material, which adds instant credibility to your online business!

The Automated Traffic Bot makes writing and submitting press releases easier than ever before.
The ‘Automated Traffic Bot’ Features:

Automatically Submit Your Press Release To 15 Syndication Sites – This will send out your press release to the key sites that will automatically spread ‘the word’ about your business or website in under 24 hours!

Complete AUTO ACCOUNT Creation – The sites that you will send your press release to will require you to create an account first, this can be time consuming, but the automated traffic bot will do all this for you*

(*Note: All you will need to do is confirm the registration by clicking a link in your email)

Unlimited Account Profiles – Now you can add as many account profiles as you wish meaning you can have MULTIPLE Accounts on all the syndication sites to really give you more exposure

Unlimited Company Profiles – You can add as many company profiles as you wish too. If you want to have a separate profile for each of your website’s you can, or even run this press release submission service for other people and charge them a fee to distribute their press release for them! – GREAT for Local Business Marketing!

AUTOMATIC CAPTCHA Solving* – To prevent mass spaming of sites many of the sites will require you to input a random ‘captcha’ code, again this can be done manually, but using Automated Traffic Bot’s Captcha solving service (* third party Captcha account req) you never need to input another captcha coder allowing you to submit tons of press releases over and over.

Supports Keywords – Keywords are the KEY to ranking your website and press release in the major search engines. Now you can tailor the press release submission to the EXACT keyword to ensure you get the maximum exposure.

Supports ALL PC Formats – Will work on Windows XP, Windows 7 without any upgrades or annoying additional framework downloads and installs. (sorry there is currently no MAC version available)

Grab Your Automated Traffic Bot Now by clicking the link below:

Traffic bot is no longer available but the link above is well worth checking out :)

To your success,

April Marie Tucker About April Marie Tucker
April Marie went from being a Single Mom, BROKE Cocktail Server slaving away all night in high heels and a tu-tu in cold Chicago to with in a few months leaving that job and now working 15 to 20 hrs a week from the comfort of her laptop in beautiful SUNNY Florida. She now enjoys traveling the world, living at the beach, raising her 3 children and assisting others to doing the same. April Marie is a Online Marketer that specializes in the Artistry of Network Marketing. She prides herself on helping others that truly have the desire to change their circumstances through sharing much of her training for FREE on this blog but also personally mentoring and coaching people to the top! If you have questions or if you are seeking success online with your business you have certainly come to the right place. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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