Social Clerks

Social Clerks

Looking to learn more about Social Clerks and whether it is a powerful tool you can really use in your marketing?

If so you have come to the right place my friend because in this post I am actually going to take you by the hand to show you exactly how I use Social Clerks to grow my following  and gain more traffic very easily with this powerful tool.


So if your looking for ways to get more Automated TRAFFIC, fans, likes, Google+, Youtube views, website views, twitter and Digg followers. Social Clerks is the answer and I am going to show you how it’s done!

It was mentioned to me by my friend Frank Marino and I must say I am thrilled to be sharing this with you today! I am mainly using Social Clerks for Google+ too my posts and likes. However there is much more that this site offers.

Social Clerks

Social Clerks

Social Clerks is basically a traffic rotator that works like this:

  • A person joins and they put in their websites or social site urls
  • Those sites or social sites are then put into a traffic rotator based upon category
  • when you follow, view, google+ etc. a site they give you credits and depending on how many credits the user is giving away you receive tokens.
  • Now when someone follows you, views your site etc it costs you those credits.

Let me show you how I use Social Clerks for more exposure and syndication in the video below you’ll see that this site is a gold mine when used correctly!



Social Clerks is a amazing way for you to build your social media presence and Google loves it! Use Social Clerks in your marketing and watch your blog rankings SOAR! I just can’t say enough about Social Clerks I am sure you can agree once you start implementing the strategies I share with you in my video!

So hopefully you can incorporate Social Clerks into your marketing strategy. I know I have! As mentioned in the video I am looking for people that have been impacted by me to feature on my site and in my new eBook. If you have something to say from the heart because I have impacted you in any way in your business please send me your picture, website URL and a 2-3 sentence testimony and I will be sure to feature you so you get more exposure for your business.

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Are you up to speed with me on Pinterest yet? If not or if your looking for more ways to impact your business using Social Media check out my post on  Pinterest Marketing

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See you on the next post!

To your Pinterest Marketing Success,

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Social Clerks



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