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We have to say that this MLSP community, it’s collective mission, and it’s leaders are INCREDIBLE!

Where else does such a group of leaders unite to form this type of community and culture to provide the BEST training on the internet to you for F*R*E*E every single Wednesday?! Read on…

100, 200, 300, even 400+ Network Marketing Leads PER DAY!


That’s right. Another MLSP leader CRUSHING
it in the field.

His secret: SOLO ADS

And YES he’s agreed to share his secrets
with YOU this Wednesday, December 7th at


You see, SOLO ADS are a great paid advertising
method for non-techie people, and people who
don’t have a lot of time to spend on content marketing.

It also gives people yet another simple option for
paid traffic, and ANYBODY CAN DO THIS!

Take a look at some of what he’s about to unveil
to you this Wednesday night:

• What are SOLO ADS

* How you can leverage solo ads to explode
your list overnight

* How you can get your offer in front of thousands
(and even hundreds of thousands of people) even
if you’re brand new and don’t have a list!

* The simple ‘No Fuss’ way to create a good SOLO AD,
and how to find the best places to do SOLO ADS

* My easy-to-follow formula used to generate upwards
of 200-400+ leads in a single day

* How to monetize the leads you get, and create instant
front-end cash on command even if they never join your
business or buy affiliate products from you

* My personal blueprint to generate perpetual leads
for $0.00 using SOLO ADS.

Oh, and he is also going to shed some light as to
how he personally sponsored 20 people in one week
into his primary company at a $599 Price Point!

Register now, and show up early. This is going to

CLICK HERE to get your seat!

WARNING: there are only 1,000 seats available and every week we sell out so show up atleast 30 minutes early

9PM Eastern (5 Gmt)
8PM Central
7PM Mountain
6PM Pacific
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Hope to see you tonight on our Weekly Training Webinar!!


April Marie Tucker (321) 591-8695
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April Marie Tucker About April Marie Tucker
April Marie went from being a Single Mom, BROKE Cocktail Server slaving away all night in high heels and a tu-tu in cold Chicago to with in a few months leaving that job and now working 15 to 20 hrs a week from the comfort of her laptop in beautiful SUNNY Florida. She now enjoys traveling the world, living at the beach, raising her 3 children and assisting others to doing the same. April Marie is a Online Marketer that specializes in the Artistry of Network Marketing. She prides herself on helping others that truly have the desire to change their circumstances through sharing much of her training for FREE on this blog but also personally mentoring and coaching people to the top! If you have questions or if you are seeking success online with your business you have certainly come to the right place. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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