How to get more suscribers on YoutubeTube Toolbox has been one of my secret weapons for over a year now!!

I am often asked how I get so many subscribers on Youtube and well it’s this tool! I use it and it automates my Youtube channel!

I cannot begin to tell you how many new signups I have gotten for my primary business because of this lead grabbing tool called Tube Toolbox!

Although Youtube is great for lead generation and traffic to you blog you shoud also be aware that there is a ton of your competitors on Youtube as well.

For example, if you upload your video to Youtube and then copy and paste the embed code to you your blog post. You run a huge risk of losing your prospects to your competitors.  That is why I recommend self hosting  for all and any videos you decide to use for your blog.

Here is what I do and it absolutely with out a doubt will give you more exposure and keep your prospects on target.

  • First I upload my new video to Youtube with a link back to my blog post.
  • Second, I use My Video Talk to host my videos and create my video branding.
  • Third I either take a picture using Jing of my video email template like I did below or I use the video encoder that comes with your My Video Talk studio and grab the embed code to paste on my blog posts.

Ok so here’s the deal you want to upload to Youtube no question about it. Youtube is a great traffic source and you absolutely want to quadruple your exposure there with Tube Toolbox.

But what you don’t want to do is use Youtube to embed your videos on your site.. Why? because all of your competitors are lined up right along the side of the video and after the video is done playing you see there videos as well recommended after watching.

Your insane to drive traffic to your Blog or site and then lose your visitors to your competitors on Youtube!! Which is happening by the way! How could it not!

If you look around you will see that the top marketers reserve their rights to all of their videos and one thing they know is that video is HOTT. Yes HOTT with two T’s LOL.

Anyone that knows marketing like myself and the top income earners online they will tell you to go video or go home!!

So how do you brand yourself as the expert using video? Watch the video below to find out!!

How to get more subscribes on Youtube

 What you will need:

Let your tools pay for your business and your business pay for your LIFESTYLE!!


I do not use tools that I can’t make money with and you should not either! I always use tools that pay me and that way I have funding for my business.

You really cannot build a house with out a hammer so why would you build your business with out tools?

That’s simple to answer huh? Of course you need tools to build your business.. Any business owner will tell you that in order for their business to run efficiently they have to have certain tools. Well since were Network Marketers we need marketing tools otherwise no one will ever know about out their business.

Makes sense now.. I can see the aha moment already! Video is hott and if your not using it your NOT! LOL

Let’s get our video ON together give me a call 321.458.5035 or contact me via skype: aprilmarie81

See you on the next post and make sure you share this wealth of information with your friends and leave me your feedback!


April Marie Tucker (321) 591-8695
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