Work With April

This should be so exciting for you..

A huge turning point in your life and business.

I know it was for me…

I have been so blessed to have such great mentors on and offline. I have self taught many of the things I have learned online and it is a skill that is acquired over time..

I believe that Network Marketing is all about building relationships and in order to work with someone there must be some chemistry.

Perhaps we will have it or maybe we won’t either way I can only show you the way.. You are ultimately the one that will get you to your goals.

There are many ways you are able to work with me…

The best way is by joining me in one or more of the opportunities I am building a team in.


My Lead System Pro

By joining me in My Lead System Pro at the Mastery Level I will help you with whatever business you are in.

See my in depth review of My Lead System Pro:

My Lead System Pro | What is My Lead System Pro? Can MLSP really help?

What you will get from me:

  • 1 Monthly 1 on 1 Session – This is where we really dive deep down into your business and devise a plan to get you where you need to go. Having a coach could be all the difference you need to succeed in your business. Consider me your successor!
  • Access to all of my Team resources and training including free ebooks, my personal video training on SEO, social media, blogging and more..
  • Weekly Group coaching or strategy sessions – Masterminding is one of the biggest successors you can have. Every week on Thursday I host a team training or mastermind session that you can come on live and get a ton of hands on attention and even exposure.
  • Unlimited Support –  While you are starting your journey in MLSP you will more than likely need support. My goal is to ensure that no one on my team get’s left behind.  I provide two communities with lot’s of leaders just like you on the same mission eager to help you.  These groups are great portals for support but also for updates and training too. You will also have access to me via email or Facebook chat to ask me questions or get guidance.
  • Content Syndication Tribe – This is a biggie! While your learning to drive traffic to your content you can use this tribe to get some pretty instant traffic to your content by being a contributor in our team tribe. This is a HUGE asset to your business and is available to anyone that wants to join in on the fun 🙂



(For those that choose to take advantage of MLSP Mastery Annual)

The bonuses I provide for Annual Mastery are HUGE! In fact, I have never seen any other leader offer this type of insane bonus other than myself.  I see Annual Mastery for the much more serious and that makes me want to spend more time with anyone that pays for the year in advance but a extra perk you should pay close attention too is that MLSP Annual Mastery saves you roughly $300 which equates to 2 months free.

That’s a pretty big savings and I have also sweetened the pot to make it so that not only do you get all of the above but you also get the choice between…



  • Access to my 8 Module Blogging and Video Course –  that gives you my exact blueprint for generating residual leads from the search engines 24/7. People paid $297 to see it live and the price is now $497 when you join annual mastery you get it for FREE as a bonus. (Value $1997)

*** I will provide all of this to you 6 weeks after you join due to the MLSP refund policy.

That’s serious value for those that are serious about their business and it will allow you to be leaps ahead of your competition even as a newbie.. Upgrade to Mastery Annual or Mastery monthly below to get started and finally take your business to the next level.

Sisel International


Sisel is by far the greatest MLM on the planet!

It is a health and wellness company that was voted the Best Home Business Opportunity on the planet by the Obtainer which is the biggest MLM publication.  Owned by billionaire Tom Mower who started Sisel with over $150 million dollars of his own money after selling Neways back in 2006. sisel science

Sisel is one company that passes all of my tests when it comes to choosing a MLM. It has the best pay plan , products, leadership and then some that I have ever seen in a company.

Sisel is the opportunity that most wait a life-time to come by!

See for yourself andI think you’ll agree… Watch this video HERE to learn why I chose Sisel International as my MLM home and have stuck with it since 2013.Would love to work with you and make history with Sisel International.

If you want to work super closely with me join me in Sisel Intl!

I work closely with people on my team and everyone that works along side of me can benefit from the success of our Sisel Global TakeOver Team. We provide training/ coaching and weekly webinars to support you and your team. We also have a team training website with quick start training so you can get off to a fast start.

CLICK HERE to watch a FREE Presentation

If you are interested in working with me but would like a consultation first send me a message on Facebook HERE and I will contact you for a 15 minute phone conversation.

Look forward to working with you soon!

Luv & Prosperity,

April Marie Tucker

Instagram Queen & Creator Of Insta Lead Magic



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