By Now you probably have all heard the Youtube Gods are plaguing marketers with suspensions, and worse case scenario channel termination.

Recently my channel was suspended after someone flagged one of my videos.

Prior back in August someone had flagged another video I did and they suspended my ability to host Google Hangouts.

In all, it’s kind of been like my worst nightmare because as of todays date I have close to 500 videos on my main channel, about 2,000 subscribers and I am averaging about 15 leads a day for my business from my Youtube channel alone.

Alot of my business comes from my Youtube channel so for me to lose it would hit my business pretty hard.

As of right now I cannot really give any definite answers as to why Youtube has plagued leaders in the Home Biz niche but I will tell you it can happen to anyone.

Both of my videos that were plagued and caused the suspensions on my account were Google Hangouts and trainings I did with my team. One was on list building and the other was on video marketing.

Needless to say both do not exist anymore but according to Youtube is wasn’t the video itself it was the title of the video. Which in my opinion there wasn’t anything horrible about the titles either but they were created to captivate my audience and get more views.

Of course any marketer would creatively come up with a catchy title, right?

Yes of course in fact a lot of my hangouts I do have to have a catchy title that draws peeps in but it doesn’t mean it is not relevant to the video itself. Of course Youtube can and will at anytime regardless of whether or not you think it’s right or not shut down any channel at their discretion for this very reason and many others…

I feel they hey  the right to do so too but I think they have things a bit backwards.

Seriously, Youtube needs to spend more time taking down the really bad videos than coming after leaders that are sharing value driven content…

Recently my son was jumped at school and some kid decided to record it and put it up on Youtube. (I know very grotesque but kids these days are getting off on doing that kind of stuff and it’s really sad.)

And guess what?

2 months later it is still up and even the police have tried to get it down without any luck.

Pretty backwards if you ask me and I see it all the time. Videos that should clearly not be on Youtube yet they have thousands of views and comments.

My partners channel was just shut down without any warning. Just a message when he attempted to go to upload a video that said this account has been terminated.

I know countless other leaders that have gotten the Youtube slap as well.

Pretty sucky and that is why you need to make sure you are protecting yourself so this very thing doesn’t happen to you.

I have already started taking precautions which is why I wanted to share what I have done to not only protect my videos but also ensure I don’t lose all of my work.

  1. Read Youtube’s Terms of Use thoroughly… Seriously I never bothered before and honestly I don’t usually like to sit long enough to read terms and such but from now on I will be paying closer attention.
  2. Use titles specific to the content in your videos. Make sure they are not misleading etc. I found this cool FREE tool called TweakYourBiz.com Title Generator to help create captivating titles without straying away from the content.
  3. Start another channel just for your Google Hangouts. Since the videos that caused me the first two strikes were Google Hangouts I decided to only host my Google Hangouts on a specific channel and keep them separate from my main channel. It may be a fluke thing that Youtube slapped my hangouts but I think not so to be safe I have started only hosting my hangouts on my other channel.
  4. ONLY PUT UP VALUE DRIVEN CONTENT! I cannot stress this enough… Don’t put up content that is considered spammy and hypey. In other words don’t create a video pitching your products and company. If you do want to pitch your company do it in a subtle way. Like if you are in a health and wellness company you could share 5 weightloss tips and then at the end recommend your weightloss products. If you want to learn how to be attractive on Youtube and create videos that actually convert sales I highly recommend MLSP for this.
  5. Stay away from saying or writing terms like; make money from home, income claims or just plain hypey stuff. I one time had my Google plus account suspended for posting a image with  a hat that had facebook written on it and money flying out of it. I think I said something along the lines of “How To Cash In On Facebook” and since Youtube is owned by Google I am pretty sure the same rules apply on Youtube. Or Google Plus doesn’t like Facebook and was looking for a reason to take it down lol. Which all I had to do by the way was delete it and my account was back in active status. Funny I know 🙂
  6. VERY IMPORTANT: Back up all of your videos and use a hosting company such as Wistia to embed your videos on your blog. This is very necessary because if Youtube does shut you down all the videos you embedded on your blog will disappear and it will be a big mess to fix later.

Here’s a How To video I did to transfer your Google hangouts to Wistia

Bottom line it always pays to play by the rules especially in this case. And although I think Youtube is awesome for lead generation you will not see anymore Youtube videos here on this blog. Atleast not any  new ones.

Of course I most definietly will put my videos on my Youtube channel in fact I plan to add a few today now that after 2 long weeks my account is actually functional again (Yaaaayyy) if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to me on Youtube too here https://www.youtube.com/user/aprilmariemlmcoach

I really hope these tips helped you because I know the whole experience has been a huge eye opener for me and has forced me to do things the right way when it comes to ensuring the safety of my videos.

Have you been gotten the slap by Youtube before? If so what did you do to ensure it didn’t happen again? Join the conversation below I would love to hear from you.

If this post helped you please do give it a share and share any feedback you have below.

Luv Ya,

MLM Lead Generation


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